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AI agents that act
on your behalf

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We create AI that handles tasks in the background of any digital experience.

When you use a site or app built with MultiOn, the experience is remarkably streamlined. That’s because our AI is handling tasks that don’t require your attention, which means less hands-on work for you.

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When we don’t have to focus on mundane or overly complex tasks, a weight is lifted.

We can be more intentional with our time, shifting our focus to activities and interactions that actually interest us, fulfill us and expand what we’re capable of.

Build with

Join the developers and businesses integrating our AI agents into their own applications to create streamlined experiences. Sign up to access our API.

Use our Chrome extension to test the many different actions MultiOn can perform online.

AI that helps you with daily life

Our mobile app uses MultiOn to make everyday activities easier, faster, smoother. Available on iOS in early 2024.

About us

We are a technology and design group exploring novel ways to use AI to expand what people are capable of.

Our AI systems and products streamline everyday activities, 
giving us space to focus on the things that genuinely fulfill us.