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Use our API to build and embed AI agents in your own devices and applications

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Streamline your product experience with our Agent API

Whether you’re developing apps and websites, enterprise SaaS, or smart devices, you can use our API to build and embed AI agents that get things done for your users by completing tasks and workflows on the web.

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Our general purpose agents can perform tasks in the background of any digital experience or as a user-facing assistant.

Order on Amazon

Send a calendar invite

Book a flight

Control the AWS console


Developers and businesses across sectors use MultiOn to automate tasks and assist customers. These use cases are just a sample of what MultiOn can do.

  • Shopping and 
travel aggregators

    MultiOn allows users to complete their purchase or booking without leaving your website.

  • Smart devices

    Integrate a voice assistant that actually gets things done for your customers, like calling a ride or placing an order online.

  • Financial services 
and government platforms

    MultiOn can automatically fill complex forms and scrape online data sources for PDFs so they’re accessible in one place.


Our pricing is based on number of API requests. We offer basic, premium, and custom pricing plans depending on your needs.

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