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We are a technology and design group creating
AI agents that perform tasks online from start to finish.

We are creating a new class of AI agents that can fully complete tasks in any web environment. MultiOn agents use websites and services to get things done for people, performing a variety of tasks and workflows based on simple inputs.

Our technology creates new possibilities for how we spend our time. By delegating tedious to-dos and complex interactions to AI agents, we can free ourselves to focus on activities we actually enjoy, on work we feel fulfilled by, on opportunities 
we haven’t yet imagined.

Our work

FAQ Questions

  • We specialize in AI agent systems that can interpret people’s needs and complete tasks for them online. Our goal is to create agents that can reliably perform tasks from start to completion, so we can fully delegate tasks that don’t interest us to AI.

Our founders

Privacy and security

Privacy, security, safety, and alignment are pillars of our approach to developing reliable and useful AI agents. Our products are designed so that users can control agents, ensuring they behave in ways that align with user goals.